Telavi International Festival


  • Telavi festival (NEW Nadimi) is an International Platform for arts, with an aim to support creative industry development in the region. Within the frame of the festival, traditional approaches and contemporary tendencies, in collaboration, create new cosmopolitan values. Therefore festival slogan is NEW ნადიმი (‘Nadimi’-feast) which represents main direction of the festival. NEW Nadimi develops ideas and support collaboration between artists, curators, creative agents and small businesses who are working in and out of the public realm, in-and-out of Telavi and other cities. The project is open to concepts, ideas, and visions developed by participants and members in various venues and contexts, focusing upon themes, artifacts, and positions depending on place and personal constellations among members.  Within the frame of the festival international and local exhibitions, master-classes, workshops, lectures and concerts will be held.  Festival focuses on the high quality of the work, because its aim is to provide professional development possibilities for its participants. Festival will be held in October 13-19 , 2013, main venue place is Nadikvari Park in city of TevaliMain spheres for this year are: ceramic, textile, folk music and small producers.Festival aims to involve all potential local sources as well as international participants.  The overall objective of the project is improving the living conditions of local community by providing them with necessary skills and capacities while building availability of quality services in the spheres of culture, tourism and crafts. Telavi festival is supported by Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection, World Bank and Municipality Development Found of Georgia. Wine festival is organized by Tourism National Agency.The project is organized with a help of Telavi Municipality, Goethe Institute, British Council, dvv international Georgia, World Vision Georgia, Georgian Folk Centre, national Archive of Georgia and Caucasus Online.Project local supports in Telavi are:  Telavi State University, Telavi  Drama Theatre, Youth Centre,  Centre of Civic Engagements , Dance and Song Ensemble, Cafe Marleta and Nadikvari Park.The initiator and organizer of Telavi Festival is TRAM foundation in cooperation with other organizations like : TASWIR platform for art and philosophy ( Germany) Community Development Center, Clay Office Foundation,  Georgian textile Group,  Silk Museum, Kreative Khokomozo ( Ceter for  Civic Creativity Development , Hungary), Ilia Chavchavadze University Music Center, Soviet Research Lab, Sulakauri Publishing House, Karchkhadze Publishing House, Logos Press and Studio Televeziri.

Participants of the project are local, regional and international artists’ craftsmen, local folk groups, local, regional and national governments, NGO’s, institutions, guilds and the volunteers.

 Whithin the frame of Telavi Festival following activities are planned:

  • Public discussions City Urban & Cultural Development will be hold with invited specialist from Tbilisi and Telavi.
  • Publishing houses like Sulakauri Publishing House, Karchkhadze Publishing House and Logos Press will launch book markets and meetings with famous Georgian writers at Telavi State Library.
  • International organizations and foundations based in Georgia: British Council, Goethe Institute, dvv international and World Vision will hold their presentations.
  • Professional and public trainings, workshops and presentations hold by local and foreigner trainers will be implemented within the frame of the festival in Telavi State University, Municipality, Centre of Civic Engagements and Dance and Song EnsembleTraining for professionals in cultural management, Training for local producers Packaging and Presentation, Performing Art, Clay, Textile and folk Music workshops.
  • Alive Paintings Animation project for kids under age of 12, organized by Studio Televeziri will be hold in Telavi Youth Centre.
  • Public presentations will be hold on Nadikvari Park, by local and international artists , Clay Office, Georgian Textile Group, Community Development Center and Center for Civic creativity development.
  • Exhibition of Shalva Alkhanaidze self studied photographer Women portraits form Tusheti region of 1955-1960th and International Ceramic Exhibition will be launched.
  • Ceramic and Textile market will be hold at Nadikvari Park on 19-20th of October.
  • Presentation of Kakhetian Honey Makers will be hold on October 18th  with a help of World Vision
  • Wine Festival will be organized by National Tourism Agency on 19-20th of October at Nadikvari Park, where various home and factory wines, cheeses, honey, bred and homemade Georgian traditional sweets will be presented.
  • Within the frame of the Festival alternative tours will  take place, like Interesting People and Places, Local producers and Craftsmen’s, as well as Soviet Research Lab will present Soviet past Tour of Telavi City.
  • Kakhetian Folk Music Festival will take place at Nadikvari Park on October 19-20th , where up to 17 Kakhetian folk ensembles will participate, from Telavi, Gurjaani, Qvareli, Sagarejo, Alvani, Signagi and Kisiskhevi. 
  • Telavi Festival official closing ceremony  will be launched at the Festival Clay Singson October 19th  by Night of fire where clay burning shows will take place.  Other public events will last till October 20th  at Nadikvari Park


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