Lado Darakhvelidze


 Ideal Media
 Mixed Media installation / Chalk murals / video
  700 cm X 500 cm
  The Installation Ideal Media was shown in the 11th Istanbul Biennale and documents my research into     media coverage of two events that started around the same time in August 2008: the Olympic games in Beijing, and the Georgian-Russian war. By monitoring these subjects through different media for a year and creating an archive, I aim to reveal the constant presence of war and the impossibility of demarcating its exact temporal boundaries in contemporary society.


 Ideal Media
 Mixed Media installation / Chalk murals / video
 700 cm X 500 cm
 See slide 1 for description

 Ideal Media
 Chalk murals
 80 cm X 50 cm
 See slide 1 for description

 Ideal Media
 Printed matter poster
 70 cm x 100 cm
  The poster composed of selected article clippings from newspapers. It served as background information’s and showing subjects connected with the Olympic games in Beijing and the Georgian-Russian war. The articles were translated in English and Turkish functioning almost as subtitles to a conflict.

 New State Symbols / Rubik’s Cube
 Acryl Wood
 90 cm x 90 cm
  In my long-term project New State Symbols and recent public sculptures such as New State Symbols / Rubik’s Cube (2008), I invited people to contribute their ideas, and challenged their lack of engagement with political and cultural affairs and infrastructures. I carefully consider symbolic associations as well as appropriate means of dissemination to a wider audience, trying to bring wit into the discours.


 New state symbols / Abkhazian flags
 dimensions: (in cm): Varies
  The flag of the Georgian autonomous region Abkhazia has a cruel medieval and modern background. People from the mountains used to collect hands of the enemy and put them on their walls, as a trophy. The image of the Abkhazian flag is very painful for Georgian society, it reminds us of the thousands deaths and refugees after the war 14 years ago, the flag is taboo ever since. The flags which I painted in the streets of Tbilisi surprisingly stayed untouched for a long time, but eventually were covered with Georgian flags.
    7.        Gallery TV
 dimensions: (in cm): –
‘Gallery TV’ was a performance about early Dada activism in Georgia. And showing the importance to use these DADA strategies nowadays towards contemporary Nationalism. The TV Gallery performance included critic of nationalistic video’s on YouTube, which are full of fascistic gestures and symbolism. One of the monumental nationalistic symbols, The Arm, was cut with a gigantic scissors.

    8.          Museum TV Station
 Acryl and pencil on paper
 49 cm x 70 cm
 In Museum TV Station I interpret the role of an artist as an ideal media maker, referring to museums where one can see works about political and social conflicts. Museums already are a place for receiving news and background information. In the contemporary Art Museum Tv Stations it’s possible to see artistic research of hidden politics and current media topics. These two drawings were made in assignment of Metropolis M, the Urgent issue
    9.          Museum TV Station
 Acryl on Canvas
 130 cm X 250 cm
See slide 8 for description
    10.           New state symbols / Star
 Acryl on canvas
 Star1 170 cm x 130 cm Star2 130 cm x 150 cm
 Series of 3 painting as part ‘New State Symbols’ ongoing visual research into nationalistic semantics.

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