Professional ID – Second Edition

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1- 8 December 2012
Image: Founders of Professional ID in Telavi. Photo: Marta Tabukashvili
TRAM & TASWIR Conductors of 2nd Edition: Ana Riaboshenko and Vanja Balaša

Initiator: TRAM in cooperation with TASWIR projects
Supported by the Goethe Institute 

With a help of Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Ajara and Telavi Municipality


The project aims to establish a platform for artistic and intellectual research and activism in-and-out of Georgia (in-and-out of other places).

Professional ID develops ideas and support collaboration between artists, writers, curators, and other creative agents who are working in and out of the public realm, in-and-out of digital and analogue networks, in-and-out of Telavi, Batumi, Tbilisi (and other cities).

The project is open to concepts, ideas, and visions developed by participants and members in various venues and contexts, focusing upon themes, artifacts, and positions depending on place and personal constellations among members.

The various workshops are open to spontaneous processes of planning and thinking. Professional ID follows up on these ideas by setting up a stage / websites / concrete platforms for the realization of projects developed during its various editions.

During the first edition in September, Professional ID collected ideas for a future TELAVI ART FESTIVAL; moreover, participants in Batumi developed an outline for further editions based upon thematic contributions to matters such as “icons,” “the manifesto,” “street art,” new video-art, etc.

Professional ID’s initiators, Ana Riaboshenko and A.S. Bruckstein Çoruh also began to work on a TASWIR Lexicon of Professional ID concepts. Teh first items of this lexicon they first presented in a small exhibition in Tbilisi in September 2012 at the Open Society Georgia Foundation towards the end of Professional ID’s first edition.

The Second Edition of Professional ID took place in Telavi and Batumi from 1st till 8th December 2012

• Telavi – December 2-3, 2012 
Visits to cultural institutions, organizations and craftsmen’s ateliers: Telavi Art School, Telavi City Library, Telavi Youth Palace, Telavi Song and Dance Ensemble, Media Café, Napareuli School Enamel and Textile Studious, Telavi University, Ceramicist Studio in Telavi, Textile Studio in Alvani, Chokha (Georgian National Dress) Studio in Telavi and Telavi Municipality Office Cultural Program.
The Project in Telavi is implementing with the cooperation of Georgian organizations like Textile Group and Ceramic office.

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• Batumi – December 5-7, 2012 
Visits to cultural institutions, organizations and meeting local artists: Art Museum, Museum of ethnology and history “Khatiton Akhvlediani,” University of Culture of Ajara, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Ajara, visiting potential art spaces and meeting photographers as well as other cultural representatives.

The SECOND EDITION of Professional ID took up ideas and outlooks of the first edition and developed them further. The second edition explored the various artistic, performative, and urban settings in the region, planning on a future TELAVI ART FESTIVAL. In the framework of this festival, we envision the opening of a HOUSE of TASWIR to be established in TELAVI for futher research editions of Professional ID. In Batumi, Professional ID in collaboration with Batumi artists and State support plans to create public spaces for artists developing, showing, and discussing their work.

The second edition of Professional ID was conducted by ANA RIABOSHENKO and MARTA TABUKASHVILI (TRAM) together with philosopher and anthropologist VANJA BALAŠA (TASWIR).

Vanja Balaša, anthropologist & curator, student of philosophy and religious studies at Hamburg University.

Since November 2012 Vanja Balaša works as project assistant for TASWIR Projects, Germany

March – October 2012 project assistant within the frame of project Dialog in Deutsch, Bücherhallen Medienprojekte gGmbH, Hamburg, Germany.

August – November 2011 she was curator and assistant coordinator of the ICOM Costume Committee Annual Meeting (25 – 30. September 2011)

January – April 2011 she worked as project assistant in the Project TRANSKAUKAZJA 2011, Interkulturelles Zentrum, Vienna.
2008 – 2011 Organizational team member of the International Festival of Ethnological Film, Ethnographic museum in Belgrade, Serbia.
2008 – 2010 she worked as Curator at the Ethnographic museum in Belgrade, Serbia, at the Department of Design and Communication

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