Organization mission:

TRAM (Transform Art Module) Foundation – a Georgian, non-governmental, non-profit organization, which has several years of experience in the field of contemporary art as an informal group uniting an ever expanding number of artists and organizing cultural events utilizing innovative ideas, platforms and venues.

TRAM is interested in expanding borders of existing art spaces (museums, galleries, theaters, etc) by trying to utilize other social spaces as well as outdoor spaces as much as possible. Through art TRAM tries to focus attention of the public on the pressing issues of society and art in wide variety of spheres.

TRAM is supporting organizational capacity through professional development trainings and relevant activities.
Consultancy of independent and state authorities; programming support and concepts development.
Supporting CS activities via public events.

How the organization works:

TRAM organizes and participates in different local and international artistic projects, based on the collaboration initiative.

TRAM envisages high civil involvement in the projects, through involving the local public during the project implementation, in different places.

TRAM makes each project as a new stop, with an aim to create a new basis, a new platform for future development.

TRAM focuses on the Professional  development  and improving  the production quality through preserving the old unique techniques and their  transformation to cosmopolitan context

Organization structure:

Our team is a group of professional curators and artists, providing and representing multidisciplinary forms of art. The group comes up with different ideas and creates and curates projects through working with other groups, organizations, as well as individual artists.

TRAM has a board, which consists out of 3 permanent members.

Up to five people are invited members who are involved in various activities, regarding the projects specifics.

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