EXHIBITION DESCRIPTION: Tamada´s tutorial – or a sophisticated guidebook through a false territory. Galerie MeetFactory Prague       September 6th 2012 –October 21th 2012 Exhibiting:  Vajiko Chachkhiani (GE), Václav Magid (CZ), Oldřich Morys (CZ) Ana Riaboshenko (GE), Guram Tsibakhashvilli(GE),                             Maya Sumbadze (GE), Andro Wekua –  not confirmed yet (GE) Performance: Group Bouillon (GE)                 Curator: Dušan Zahoranský (SK/CZ)

SINOPALE 4  One can follow the history through the photographic images of public places, events, city maps and individual stories from two radically different parts of Georgia starting from 1920s until 1990s. Each image and each story presents the country more than the history books published during those times and even later.  Through the narratives […]

Organization mission: TRAM (Transform Art Module) Foundation – a Georgian, non-governmental, non-profit organization, which has several years of experience in the field of contemporary art as an informal group uniting an ever expanding number of artists and organizing cultural events utilizing innovative ideas, platforms and venues. TRAM is interested in expanding borders of existing art […]